Chou, Dean-Yi

Office¡G886-3-5742528 (PHYS R617)
Laboratory1¡GAstrophysics Laboratory
Lab1 Te1¡G886-3-5742529 (PHYS R603)


Honors and Awards
  1. 1981-1986 Ph.D. in AstroPhysics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
  2. 1973-1977 B.S. in Physics, National Tsing Hua University, R.O.C.
Professional Experience
Current position¡G
  1. 1992-present, Professor of Physics Dept., National Tsing Hua University, R.O.C.
  1. 1987-1992, Adjunct Professor of Physics Dept.,National Tsing Hua University, R.O.C.
  2. 1986-1987, Post Doctor of Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, U.S.A.
Honors and Awards
  1. Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council (1998)
Research Fields
    1. AstroPhysics
    2. Asteroseismology
    3. Earthshine
Selected Publications
  1. [2005] Chou, D.-Y.and Ladenkov, O. "Evolution of Solar Subsurface Meridional Flows in the Declining Phase¡@of Cycle¡@23", 2005, Astrophysical Journal, 630, 1206.
  2. [2005] Chou, D.-Y. and Serebryanskiy, A. "In Search of the Solar Cycle Variations of p-Mode Frequencies¡@Generated by Perturbations in the Solar Interior", 2005, Astrophysical¡@Journal, 624, 420.
  3. [2005] Serebryanskiy, A. and Chou, D.-Y. "Comparison of Solar Cycle Variations of p-Mode Frequencies¡@from GONG and MDI", 2005, Astrophysical Journal, 633, 1187.¡@
  4. [2002] Chou, D.-Y. and Serebryanskiy A. "Searching for the Signature of the Magnetic Fields at the Base of the¡@Solar Convection Zone with Solar Cycle Variations of p-Mode Travel Time", ¡@2002, Astrophysical Journal Letter, 578, L157.
  5. [2001] Chou, D.-Y. and Dai, D.-C. "Solar-Cycle Variations of Subsurface Meridional Flows in the Sun"¡@2001, Astrophysical Journal Letter, 559, L175.
  6. [2001] Chou, D.-Y., Serebryanskiy A., Ye, Y.-J., and Dai, D.-C. "Lifetimes of High-l Solar p-Modes from Time-Distance Analysis"¡@2001, Astrophysical Journal Letter, 554, L229.¡@
  7. [2000] Chou, D.-Y. "Acoustic Imaging of Solar Active Regions", 2000, Solar Physics, 192, 241.
  8. [2000] Chou, D.-Y. and Duvall, T. L. Jr. "Phase Time and Envelope Time in Time-distance Analysis and Acoustic¡@Imaging",¡@2000, Astrophysical Journal, 533, 568.
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