Associate Professor
Chen, Huei-Ru

Office¡G886-3-5742518 (PHYS R512)

  1. Ph. D. in Astrophysics, University of California at Berkeley, (2004)
Professional Experience
Current position¡G
  1. 2006/8-present, Assistant Professor of The Physics Department and The Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University
  1. 2004/8-2006/8, Postdoc of Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics,Academia Sinica
Research Fields
    1. Star Formation
    2. Radio astronomy
    3. Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Millimeter interferometers
Research Interests and achievement
Updated on September 3, 2006

My current research interests focus mainly on how high-mass stars form in dense molecular cloud cores and what their impacts to the environments. The properties of young massive stars may reflect the initial conditions of their natal cloud cores; on the other hand, the feedbacks of star-forming activities may as well affect the cloud evolution. Unlike their low-mass counterparts, the formation mechanism and the evolutionary sequence of young massive stars have not yet reached a coherent, self-consistent picture. Because of their clustering nature and their large distances, only observations with high angular resolutions can reveal the characteristics of massive protostars.

Using interferometer array at millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths, we can ¡§see¡¨ through a large amount of material and probe the physical and chemical properties of massive star-forming regions at angular resolutions good enough to resolve individual protostellar objects. Some of our studies were enabled by the largest configuration of the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association (BIMA) Millimeter Array at Hat Creek, California, to achieve the best angular resolutions at millimeter wavelengths. We also use the Submillimeter Array (SMA) on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, to further trace the warmer, denser components within molecular cloud cores that harbor massive protostars.

Selected Publications
  1. [2007] Huei-Ru Chen, Yu-Nung Su, Sheng-Yuan Liu, Todd R. Hunter, David J. Wilner, Qizhou Zhang, Jeremy Lim, Paul T.~P. Ho, Nagayoshi Ohashi, and Naomi Hirano, 654 GHz Continuum and C18O (6-5) Observations of G240.31+0.07 with the Submillimeter Array, accepted by ApJL (2007)
  2. [2007] Qizhou Zhang, Todd R. Hunter, H.~Beuther, T.~K. Sridharan, S.-Y. Liu, Y.-N. Su, H.-R. Chen, and Y. Chen, Multiple Jets from the High-Mass (Proto)stellar Cluster AFGL 5142, accepted by ApJ (2007)
  3. [2006] Huei-Ru Chen, William J. Welch, David J. Wilner, and Edmund C. Sutton, A High-mass Protobinary System in the Hot Core W3(H2O), ApJ, 639, 975 (2006)