Goto, Tomotsugu
Assistant Professor

Office TEL:42682(PHYS R717)
Curriculum Vitae
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NTHU Observational Cosmology Group

Research Fields
  1. Astrophysics
  2. CosmologySupermassive black holesInfrared galaxies
  1. University of Tokyo, Ph.D., Physics, 2003 (Adviser: Sadanori Okamura, Maki Sekiguchi)
  2. University of Tokyo, M.A., Physics, 2001 (Adviser: Maki Sekiguchi)
  3. Kyoto University, B.S., Faculty of Science, 1999
Professional Experiencee
Current position:
  • 2014/2-present, Assistant Professor of The Physics Department and The Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University
  • Experience:

    1. Niels Bohr Institute, Dark Fellow(2012.6-)

    2. University of Hawaii, JSPS SPD fellow(2008.4-2012.5)
    3. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Aerospace Project Research Associate(2005.4-2008.3)
    4. Johns Hopkins University, Associate Research Scientist(2003.10-2005.3)

    Honors and Awards
    1. Japan Society of Promotion of Science Research Fellow (SPD), 2008-2010
    2. Japan Society of Promotion of Science Research Fellow (DC1), 2001-
    3. Japan Society of Promotion of Science Research Fellow (DC1), 2001-
    4. Japan Ikuei-kai Fellowship, 1999-2001
    Research Interests and achievementt
    Updated on Jan, 8 2014
    My research encompasses a galaxy evolution and observational cosmology. My selected past achievements include:

    ● Detected the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect (expansion of the Universe) by

    cross-correlating WISE and WMAP at 3.1σ significance (most significant

    from a single galaxy map). (Goto et al. 2011d)

    ● Discovered one of the highest redshift QSOs at z6 to investigate the reionization

    process of the early Universe (Goto 2006).

    ● Performed the Gunn-Peterson test with a QSO at z=6.4 and found a 200 Mpc

    long dark gap (Goto et al 2011c).

    ● Discovered the most distant Lyα blob around a QSO and its host galaxy at z=6.4 (Goto et al.2009,2011e)

    Revealed dust-hidden cosmic star formation history at 0<z<2.2 more

    reliably than Spitzer by taking advantage of the AKARI space telescope's

    continuous mid-IR filters (Goto et al. 2010a,b,2011a,b).

    ● Found galaxy clusters to z 1.7 using a new technique using the AKARI's 4μm

    filter (Goto et al. 2008c).

    ● A creation of a catalog of 4,000 galaxy clusters (which was one of the

    largest) (Goto et al. 2002a)

    ● Revealed the environmental dependence of morphological and spectral

    evolution of galaxies with unprecedented statistical accuracy (Goto et al.


    ● Solved the 20-year-old mystery on the physical origin of post-starburst(E+A)

    galaxies (Goto et al. 2003d,2004,2005a)

    ● Found evidence of downsizing galaxy evolution using a HST/ACS cluster

    survey at z 1 (Goto et al. 2005b)

    Selected Publications
    1. Tomotsugu Goto, Istv´an Szapudi1, and Benjamin R. Granett,“Cross-correlation of WISE Galaxies with the Cosmic Microwave Background”, MNRAS4, 422L,77(2012).
    2. Tomotsugu Goto, Yousuke Utsumi, Takashi Hattori, Satoshi Miyazaki, and Chisato Yamauchi,“A Gunn-Peterson test with a QSO at z=6.4”, MNRAS, 415L,1(2011).
    3. Tomotsugu Goto , Yousuke Utsumi, Hisanori Furusawa, Satoshi Miyazaki, and Yutaka Komiyama, “A QSO host galaxy and its Lyα emission at z=6.43”, MNRAS, 415L,1(2011).
    4. Tomotsugu Goto, T.Takagi, H.Matsuhara, T.T.Takeuchi, C.Pearson, T.Wada, T.Nakagawa, O.Ilbert, E.Le Floc’h, S.Oyabu3, Y.Ohyama, M.Malkan, H.M.Lee, M.G.Lee, H.Inami, N.Hwang, H.Hanami, M.Im, K.Imai, T.Ishigaki, S.Serjeant, and H. Shim, “Evolution of Infrared Luminosity functions of Galaxies in the AKARI NEP-Deep field: Revealing the cosmic star formation history hidden by dust”, A&A6 AKARI special issue, 514A, 6, (2010).
    5. Tomotsugu Goto, “266 E+A Galaxies Selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 2: The Origin of E+A Galaxies”, MNRAS,357,937(2005).