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We tackle mysteries of the Universe using the largest telescopes in the world.

Have you imagened how big the Universe is? When and how supermassive black holes formed? Our group studies observational cosmology using data taken with Subaru 8.2-m telescope and AKARI Infrared space telescope.

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New paper in MNRAS

(Jan. 2018)

Hashimoto's paper is published in MNRAS ( See arxiv or MNRAS ).

New paper in MNRAS

(Sep. 2017)

Tomo's paper is published from MNRAS ( See arxiv ).

New paper in MNRAS

(Aug. 2017)

Kevin's paper is acceptted in MNRAS ( See arxiv ).

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Associate Professor

Email: tomo@phys.nthu.edu.tw

Tel: +886-3-57-42682

Research Interest:
Cosmology (Dark Energy), Cosmic re-ionization using supermassive black holes, Cosmic star formation history with infrared space telescope


Visiting Assistant Professor/MOST fellow

Email: momo@phys.nthu.edu.tw

Tel: +886-3-573-3220 (#33220)

Research Interest:
Cosmic re-ionization using Lyα halos, Circum- and inter-galactic medium, Galaxy formation and evolution, Star formation activities in disk galaxies

Seong-Jin KIM

Post-Doc Research Fellow

Email: seongini@gmail.com

Tel: +886-3-573-3274

Research Interest:
Galaxy evolution, Luminosity Function, Infrared galaxies, sub-mm galaxies, and star-formation history of the Universe

Yi-Han WU

Ph.D student

Email: starwyh@gmail.com

Tel: +886-3-575-5131 (#33303)

Research Interest:
The expansion of the Universe via Hubble diagram, Tully-Fisher relation in calculating the distance of an object, molecular emission from a galaxy

Zephyr CHUNG

Master student

Email: wizozc60920@gmail.com

Tel: +886-3-575-5131 (#33301)

Research Interest:
High redshift galaxies and galaxy evolution

Nicole LU

Undergrad student

Email: zzzzzzzzzz1111144@gmail.com


Research Interest:
Cosmic reionization using high-redshift QSO spectra

Rahul RAJ

Intern student

Email: rahul.raj12@iitg.ernet.in


Research Interest:



ALMA fellow (Albert Kong's group in NTHU)

Email: tetsuya@phys.nthu.edu.tw

Tel: +886-3-574-2953

Research Interest:
Gamma-Ray Burst and Galaxy


Ph.D student (NTU, ASIAA)

Email: jjtang@asiaa.sinica.edu.tw


Research Interest:
Distant supermassive black holes

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Group Meeting

Thr 15:00- in R501 or R524

We have group meeting on every Tuesday. Everyone reports on their progress of a week.

Astro-ph journal club

Tue, Wed, Thurs 12:20- in R501 or R524

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we have astro-ph journal club. Let's share and discuss the latest papers! You can vote any interesting papers in Voxcharta.

Astronomy colloquim

Fridays 14:00- in R521
(Lunch with speaker from 13:00- in R501)

IoA in NTHU has the Astronomy colloquim on every Friday. Many speakers come from other institutes. So, it is a good oppotunity to garner your knowledge about astronomy.


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