Computational techniques and numerical simulation play a more and more important role for theoretical physics e.g., model building as well as for experimental data analysis in different areas of high energy and (astro)particle physics. Hence, since 2011 the LHC Physics Focus Group, National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) organizes this winter camp on "numerical simulation in high energy physics" for PhD students (postdocs and master students are also welcome), in order to develop young researchers in Taiwan basic experience about programming for numerical simulations in different topics.

Every year four lectures given in this camp will cover basic Monte-Carlo methods, collider experiments, cosmic-ray physics, and particle phenomenology/model building. Each lecture will take one day. The first session in each half-day is for basic concepts and some examples, followed by a session for exercises and homeworks. In every evening there will also be two-hour tutorial time. After four days for the basic introductions to the four topics, some advanced applications/modifications will be given. Finally, all participants are required to demonstrate their programs/homeworks at a presentation session at the end of this winter camp.

The lectures will be given in principle in Chinese (occasionally in English). A basic programming ability in at least one of the Fortran/C/C++/Python languages is required; however, participants with knowledge about Maple/Mathematica/Matlab are also encouraged.