National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

The Tung Group

Quantum Gas Mixture of Li and Cs

We are experimenting with mixtures of lithium (Li) and cesium (Cs) atoms. A Li-Cs combination offers interesting features. Li has two stable isotopes: 7Li (boson) and 6Li (fermion), while Cs has one: 133Cs (boson). 7Li-133Cs and 6Li-133Cs both have large mass ratios ~20, and a Li-Cs system can be used to study dual-species degenerate gases, both Bose-Bose and Bose-Fermi. Finally, a LiCs molecule has a large induced electric dipole moment of 5.5 D in its singlet ground state. First, we plan to study physics of disordered systems and investigate quantum few-body problems. We are also preparing to create LiCs molecules in the ground state. In the near future, we hope to use the LiCs molecules to simulate many-body models with long-range interactions.


Ion Trap Quantum Computing

In this project, we are developing new traps for ions and will focus on quantum computing in the future.