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Optical Society of America (OSA)

SPIE-The Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE Photonics Society

Division of Laser Science , American Physical Society

華人光電學會 The Photonics Society of Chinese Americans (PSC)

中華民國物理學會 Physical society of Republic of China (PSROC)

中華民國光學工程學會 The Optical Engineering Society of Republic of China (ROCOES)


Scottish Optoelectronics Association

OITDA Home Page



Laser Focus World


Photonics Spectra

OE Magazine

Optics&Photonics News


University of Rochester, the Institute of Optics

College of Optical Sciences, the University of Arizona

College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida

The Fitzpatrick Photonics Center, Duke University

Stanford Photonics Research Center

d'Orsay : Institut d'Optique

Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University

Optics Section, Imperial College, London, UK


海洋大學光電工程研究所(National Taiwan Ocean University Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences)

台灣大學光電工程學研究所(National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering )

台北科技大學光電技術研究所(National Taipei University)

中央大學光電科學研究所(National Central University Institute of Optical Sciences)

大同大學光電工程研究所(Tatung University Graduated Program in Electro-Optical Engineering)

逢甲大學光電物理研究所(Feng Chia University)

中正大學機電光整合工程研究所(National Chung cheng University)

中山大學光電工程研究所(National Sun Yat-Sen University Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering)

虎尾技術學院光電系(National Huwei Institute of Technology)

國立成功大學光電科學與工程研究所(National Cheng Kung University Institute of Electro-Optical Science and Engineering)

國立師範大學光電科技研究所(Institute of electro-optic science and technology)


中央研究院原子與分子科學研究所(Academia Sinica Institute of Atomic And Molecular Sciences)

中央研究院應用科學研究中心(Research Center for Applied Sciences)

工業技術研究院電子與光電研究所(Electronics and Opto-Electronics Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute )

中華電信研究所(Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories)


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