Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Seminar

Spring Semester 2011

每週一下午1:303:00 於清華大學 物理館620


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2/21 任課教師   課程介紹  
2/28     放假  
3/7 任祥華博士 Department of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Efficiency of light-frequency conversion in an atomic ensemble



逢甲大學光電系 High Sensitivity and High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of C2H2 Molecules with Optical
Waveguides in the 1.5μm Wavelength Region
3/21  羅志偉教授  交通大學電物系  Beamlike photo-pair generation by
femtosecond pulse laser
3/28 卓鴻文博士 Department of Physics, Durham University A Quantum Degenerate Bose Mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs{Toward Ultracold
Heteronuclear Molecules
4/4     校際活動週  
4/11 魏子傑博士 University of British Columbia, Canada  Valence-bond ground states of isotropic quantum antiferromagnets for universal quantum computation download
4/18 韓殿君教授 中正大學物理系    Phase Shifting Interferometry of Cold Atoms download
4/25 賴暎杰教授 交通大學光電系 Quantum Nonlinear Optical Pulse Propagation download
5/2 金必耀教授 臺灣大學化學系 Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and other exotic graphitic materials: structures and models download
5/3 2:10 PM Dr. Julius Ruseckas Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University Multi-component slow light—Exchange of orbital angular momentum between slow light and cold atoms
5/9  郭西川教授 彰化師範大學物理系  Fragmentation and Stillbirth of Condensation in the Rapid Evaporative Cooling of a Dual-species Bose Mixture download
5/16  劉振霖博士 國家同步輻射研究中心  Heterogeneous reactions of gas-phase Cl/Cl2 and Aerosols download
5/23  鄭建宗教授 中興大學奈米科學研究所暨物理系
Scientific Study in Conservation of Cultural Relics
6/13 呂美如博士 Physics Department, University of Nevada, Reno A study of anisotropic inelastic collisions and slow/stopped light with nuclear spin  download

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